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Fiberglass Molding & Engineering makes handicap van tops, top liners and interior panel parts for a number of different vans. Our current customers included a number of van converters from Massachusetts to Georgia. At this time we have transit van and sport tops for a number of different vans. Our sport style top is taller than the normal tv top found on most vans, it varies from 22 to 23 inches depending on the van model.

The units we currently have molds for are:

Ford extended transit and sport tops, including liners

GMC extended sport tops and liners and standard sport tops

Dodge Maxi van transit and sport tops, including liners.

Our sport tops are streamlined and have been used in place of camper style tops giving the customer a lower drag for over the road operations than most other tops.

We also have molds for Dodge Caravan standard units and Ford Aerostars.

In addition we can produce custom units in small or large quantities.

Contact us about your needs.

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